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Including the closely related terms severe weather events, extreme weather, and weather events.

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Wyre Council

Direct link to action plan (PDF)

… will have much greater costs. Severe weather events and rising sea levels will cause costly damage to critical infrastructure, as well as affect supply chains for goods and food production, costing billions of pounds to the UK. The cost-of-living crisis is also challenging how we respond to climate change. This is often viewed as a separate issue. However, ultimately both challenges…

… to the planet overheating. 10 Impacts of climate change If we don’t stop polluting, many things we depend upon are at risk: - As our atmosphere gets hotter, our usual weather patterns see big differences including; more frequent, intense and unavoidable extreme weather events, such as heatwaves, droughts, heavy rainfall and flash flooding. - Our sea levels are rising…

… and economic damage as we struggle to cope with the effects of extreme weather on our homes and vital infrastructure (buildings, roads and power supplies), rising food costs and shortages from crop failures at home and abroad, water shortages during droughts, high heating bills, poor air quality and more climate-refugees as places become unsafe to live. - Unfairly, the biggest impacts are being…

… Area Potential Impacts Emergency planning - Increase in extreme weather events leading to a greater need for emergency planning. - Greater use of council buildings for community shelter (including the provision of warm and cool spaces). Spatial Planning - Planning applications will need to plan for shortage of water in summers and excess in winters. - Designs will need to incorporate…


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