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Gedling Borough Council

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… counterparts. In some areas, this will not be feasible in the timescales required, resulting in residual emissions that will need to be offset by sequestering carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, the simplest method to achieve this is through tree planting. Despite maximal efforts as a Council, as we are not directly responsible for all the emissions that are produced in the borough, achieving our…

… phase. Priority 6: Green Infrastructure - Carbon offsetting We acknowledge that achieving carbon neutrality in the borough will be a huge challenge and that despite maximal efforts, it will not be possible to completely eliminate carbon emissions. Therefore, there is a huge requirement to offset the borough’s carbon emissions, namely by sequestering carbon dioxide from the atmosphere…

… in a process called sequestration and allows for carbon offsetting, it must be acknowledged that this is a long-term solution. Young whips and saplings do not store as much as older trees that are 20 years and greater, they only store carbon relative to their size, making them more effective at combating climate change as they get older. However, trees do more than just capture carbon, they also fight…

… the effects of a changing climate by helping to prevent flooding, reduce urban temperatures and pollution, provide shade and improve biodiversity by helping to keep soil nutrient rich. Thus, they play a notable role in mitigating against the worst effects of climate change and consequently help to improve the resilience of the Borough to climate related threats. To help facilitate carbon sequestration


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