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Bolsover District Council

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… service, particularly around food waste, is required. This is anticipated to result in a further ‘increased stepped change’ in our combined recycling performance. However, the impact of BREXIT and Covid-19 have delayed Defra’s further guidance being published. Carbon Sequestration and Biodiversity – The Council are working with Sheffield Hallam University on a project to improve…

… the biodiversity and carbon sequestration of marginal parts of green and open spaces in the ownership of the Council. Internal funding was agreed by the university with a planned start in May 2020. Unfortunately, this has been delayed due to Covid19 and will now be considered again by the university once field work is permitted for students. Theme 8 – Procurement 1.10 A revised procurement…

… of the Climate Change Plan to ensure it remains relevant and aligns with the scale of the challenge and opportunities that are presented.  Bolsover Community Woodlands Project – Working with the Woodland Trust to bring about significant tree planting across the District to help reduce carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere through the process of carbon sequestration, i.e. trees absorbing carbon…


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