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Adur District Council

Direct link to action plan (PDF)

…% Diesel (HGVs), 26% Electricity, 28% Gas, 42% Adur & Worthing Councils – Carbon Neutral Plan AECOM Note that ‘Offsetting’ could comprise a variety of measures, including investment in renewables (on or offsite) or carbon sequestration through land management (e.g. tree planting and woodland creation). This analysis indicates that the most significant carbon reductions will result from…

…, the Councils purchase electricity that is 100% matched by wind and hydroelectric installations. Additional commitments would be required to offset emissions from all other fuel types.  Carbon sequestration through land management, woodland creation, and tree planting. For context, as a rough estimate, offsetting the Council’s current CO2e emissions would require Prepared for: Adur & Worthing…

… will become commercially available by 2030. This suggests that careful route planning and other marginal efficiency improvements should be introduced to reduce HGV mileage as much as possible. In order to offset any remaining CO2e emissions, the Councils will need to explore additional measures, such as promoting carbon sequestration through sustainable woodland management or investing in large-scale…


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