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Wokingham Borough Council

Direct link to action plan (PDF)

… upcoming policy documents such as the Energy White Paper, the National Bus Strategy and the England Tree Strategy. The ten points cover plans to advance renewable energy production, invest in more sustainable transport options, retrofitting buildings, investing in carbon capture, usage, and storage (CCUS) as well as protecting our natural environment. The Ban on the Sale of New Petrol and Diesel…

… to power the equivalent of 25,000 homes within the Borough by 2030. 25,560 13 Increased renewable energy generation to generate equivalent to 1550 kWh per household in 2030 27,333.46 Estimated Total Carbon Savings -52,893.46 The -52,893.46 tCO2e carbon savings from renewable energy generation are expressed as negative emissions. RT Retrofitting existing and council development tCO2…

… 14 By 2028 All council buildings to be retrofitted to carbon neutral standards 6,612.30 15 By 2029 all local schools to be retrofitted 5,034.08 RH Retrofitting Households tCO2 16 By 2030, 20% of all houses in the borough to be retrofitted 35,446.0 Estimated Total Carbon Savings 47,092.38 CS Carbon Sequestration tCO2 17 Plant 250,000 trees throughout the Borough by 2025…


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