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Cheltenham Borough Council

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… so that they can be carbon neutral be explored. Simultaneous with the retrofit programme, there is an opportunity for Cheltenham, as part of the new development in the west of the town, to demonstrate how a Regency town can embrace smart technologies to create an environment that is attractive, affordable and net carbon positive. The new development, designated a Garden Community, can…

… 26 Lead by Example Fear is a potent barrier to adopting low carbon technologies. Cheltenham can help remove the fear by leading by example. For instance, Cheltenham Borough Homes (CBH) owns a wide range of dwellings. With sufficient resources, CBH can retrofit these to demonstrate how any homeowner can reduce their impact on climate change or become net carbon zero…

…. Based on current predictions, the business case is expected to improve over the period due to economic, social and technological changes so a phased implementation is likely to be followed. The commitment shown by this leadership will encourage the growth of the sustainable green economy around green retrofit, improving skills and employment opportunities. Cheltenham is well- placed…


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