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Cambridge City Council

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… procured electricity for the Council’s buildings on a green tariff which comes from 100% renewable sources, including solar, wind and hydro/wave. The Council will benefit from electricity matched to Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGOs). REGOs provide transparency on the proportion of energy coming from renewable sources and means that the Council can record the electricity purchased…

… to offer low carbon heating and electricity (currently generated at a lower carbon factor than from the grid, which can be used on site to power the ASHP which requires electricity to run) until the end of its serviceable lifetime when it can be replaced by a renewable heating solution (such as connection to a GSHP district heating network) to fully decarbonise the building’s remaining heat…

… for decarbonisation due to its location, status and the fabric of the building. The Guildhall has some significant spatial constraints which limit renewable heating options significantly. Other than Market Square, the Guildhall is surrounded by historically significant buildings with very little in the way of open space, which means that a GSHP would not be viable. There are spatial constraints surrounding…

… the building and on the roof, which would prevent the Council from being able to install an ASHP. Finally, the grade II listing of the building and the fact that it sits within a conservation area means that a dedicated renewable heating solution for the Guildhall is considered not to be feasible. The location of the Guildhall and the proximity of a number of other major energy consumers (including…


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