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North Somerset Council

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… projects for local care homes Key Principles 1. Become a net zero carbon council 2. Decarbonise transport 3. Decarbonise the built environment 4. Low carbon business and skills 5. Renewable energy generation 6. Resources and waste 7. Adaptation and resilience 8. Replenish our carbon stores This document has been designed to give a little more information about how the council’s response…

energy efficiency – funds have been borrowed for spend- to-save projects to improve the energy efficiency of council buildings. The payback period is expected to be approximately five years Decarbonisation plans – funds from the Community Renewal Fund (CRF) have been used to produce decarbonisation plans for 30 public buildings and to provide training around energy and emissions reductions…

… to measure and manage emissions. To distinguish between emissions occurring inside and outside the area’s boundary resulting from activities within North Somerset, emissions can be divided into three categories: scope 1, 2 and 3. Carbon trajectory for North Somerset The main reason for the decrease in emissions is central Government targets to increase the renewable energy infrastructure

… as an organisation between the financial years 2018/19 and 2021/22. It has lines representing Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, as well as a line representing overall Scope 1+2 emissions, taking into account renewable energy generation (labelled as ‘Organisation target’). The graph shows that emissions for all scopes declined up to 2020/21. They then rose again for scopes 1 and 3. This rise is due…

… Principles 1 – Become a net zero carbon council 28 2 – Decarbonise transport 31 3 – Decarbonise the built environment 34 4 – Low carbon business and skills 39 5 – Renewable energy generation 41 6 – Resource and waste 44 7 – Adaptation and resilience 46 8 – Replenish our carbon stores 48 Action Plan The following pages give information about the eight key principles of the North…


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