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Chorley Council

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…. Spatial Planning (Carbon Change Team) Jul 2022 Investigate the feasibility of small scale renewable energy installation programs to home owners across the borough for potential discounts and support to homeowners Spatial Planning (Climate Change Team) Mar 2023 Publish a waste and recycling strategy for Chorley & South Ribble which will guide the Council towards the UK recycling target of 65…

… of value. Risks are often evaluated in terms of how likely they are to occur (probability) and the damages that would result if they did happen (consequences). Renewable energy Renewable energy is energy created from sources that can be replenished in a short period of time. The five renewable sources used most often are: biomass (such as wood and biogas), the movement of water, geothermal (heat…

… delivered projects to promote sustainable energy and we have taken steps to drive up the levels of recycling we achieve as a Borough. In 2019 we committed to significantly increasing our tree cover and we embarked on a tree planting programme involving our communities which will deliver a tree for every resident of our Borough by 2025. This strategy brings all of this work together and sets out…

… against rising sea levels, or conversion to crops capable of surviving high temperatures and drought. Biodiversity The diversity of life on earth, from genes to species to ecosystems. Biofuel A fuel derived from renewable, biological sources, including crops such as maize and sugar cane, and some forms of waste. Carbon capture and storage the collection and transport of concentrated carbon…


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