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Ceredigion County Council

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…. - Coastal management – since ‘coastal squeeze’ due to rising sea levels is an issue in coastal habitats, exploring allowing habitats to retreat one field back from the shoreline in order to increase extent. ACTIONS – Renewable Energy Generation and Carbon offsetting  Work with Welsh Government Energy Service to explore and deliver opportunities for large-scale renewable-energy projects

… of medium to large scale energy generation, this needs addressing. West Wales is ideally suited for large-scale renewable and community energy generation schemes, but at present the lack of grid capacity is hindering development of these projects. It must be noted that the cost of not taking action to tackle climate change, far outweighs the cost of taking action now. This is because the impact…

…, to include a review of the Council’s business mileage in order to identify opportunities for the introduction of ULEVs.  Development of an agile working policy  Develop appropriate carbon-reduction target for the Council’s business mileage as part of annual review of Action Plan. Renewable Energy Generation and Carbon Offsetting As of summer 2020, Ceredigion County Council has…

… of compensating for its residual carbon footprint is to significantly increase the amount of renewable energy generated on its land, this relies on enhancements to the capacity of the local electricity-distribution network. Unfortunately, this is beyond the direct control of the Council – and discussions are ongoing with SPEN, WPD and the Welsh Government to seek the necessary improvements…

…. The Council is working with the Welsh Government Energy Service (WGES) to explore and deliver opportunities for larger-scale renewable-energy projects. The WGES supports the public sector in Wales to bring tangible projects to fruition and advises on energy-related issues. It is currently undertaking a review of the Council’s land in order to identify potential opportunities for ground-mounted solar…


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