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Kingston-upon-Hull City Council

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

… city today have a place fit for their children and grandchildren. What changes do we need to see? To deliver the level of decarbonisation required over the next ten years will require Hull to generate much of its electricity from renewable energy sources locally, making use of our roofs and land inside and outside the city. The way we move in and around the city will be significantly…

… with access to a rich natural environment that plays a key role in the biodiversity of the wider Humber Estuary and the UK. Hull, like the rest of the UK and the world, is at a cross roads in the journey from a place built on a fossil fuel economy to one built on renewable energy and production circularity. Our city has already chosen its direction through recent inward investment and its 2030…

energy transition, our businesses are generating renewable power themselves (e.g. Croda and Aunt Bessies) and providing power through Energyworks for the UK. Hull has developed, with partners, demonstrable leadership in flood management through the Living with Water partnership which recognises the key geographic challenges Hull faces in addressing water abundance and in future periods…

… production and consumption emissions. However, it is not possible to completely stop the use of fossil fuels as these will still be a requirement for some industrial processes or specialist products. Therefore, once we have reduced and limited the release of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions with renewable energy, battery storage and bio-based…

…, to provide heating and hot water. Hull will need to move away from the use of natural gas as the primary fuel for heating and cooking in homes and for industrial processes. In the domestic, retail and office sectors this will need to be replaced through either electric or hydrogen heating. A full electric conversion will require a significant increase in the generation of renewable energy


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