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Gloucester City Council

Direct link to action plan (PDF)

… that development responds, mitigates and minimises its impact on climate change through sustainable design and construction, addressing flood risk and encouraging the use of sustainable forms of transport, making the most of existing infrastructure’. As such it includes policies on: electric charging points, building standards, renewable energy and flood management. Our private sector housing team works…

… in our building is not lost to atmosphere through insulation. 3.11 Generate Clean Energy No energy is entirely carbon free, but clearly renewables such as wind, hydro and solar are very low carbon and the City and Council should be looking to maximise use of such energy sources for its consumption. Ground source heat pumps rely on low carbon electricity to drive them and bio-fuels will vary…

… in their carbon footprint depending on the energy needed to extract and transport them to source. Battery power, while not renewable, is an essential part of low carbon electricity use, as low carbon energy can be stored when not needed to be fed back into the grid at peak time. 3.12 Alternative fuels Gas does not have to be fossil fuel derived. For example, the food waste from Gloucester is sent…

…’ energy efficiency/renewable projects will be judged on a case by case basis, but to be supported should broadly deliver a simple pay-back period of less than 10 years. Clearly some projects will have more risk than others and this will need to be built into the equation. 9.2 There is also a need for some detailed consultant input into what can be a very technical exercise and some up front seed…


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