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Reading Borough Council

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

… is expected to fall still further as more low carbon energy is generated. A key part of the pathway to net zero is therefore for Reading to ‘go electric’: taking advantage of ‘greener’ grid energy; generating our own energy from local renewable sources; storing this so that it can be used at peak times; and deploying smart technology to make the best use of energy when it is most cost- effective…

sources): we need more green energy, particularly from local sources, to ensure that the increased demand for electricity which will arise as we move away from gas is met from low/zero carbon sources – an increase of approximately 10-15 times the current level of renewable energy generation is needed • Transport (de-carbonising transport systems): we need to reduce traffic and the need to travel…

… the energy mix. Key priorities in this regard have been identified as: • Housing (retrofitting and building new homes and other buildings to low/ zero carbon standards): we need to reduce energy demand in domestic and commercial properties via ‘deep retrofit’ of existing property, and ensure that new property is constructed to net zero standards • Renewable energy (generating more energy from renewable

… conceivable action possible with existing technology, putting aside cost and other barriers for the purposes of the assessment, to calculate: • The potential to reduce energy demand with ‘deep retrofit’ of the borough’s housing stock and commercial buildings, plus deployment of LED lighting and AAA+ appliances • The potential for renewable energy generation using existing or foreseeable technologies…

… and an initial assessment of available opportunities • The additional electricity demand generated for electrification of heat and transport as we move away from fossil fuels • The gap which would remain when all the above are taken into account These calculations are summarised in table 3. Achieving the demand reductions and renewable energy generation shown would require a massive investment beyond…


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