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Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames

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… a subsequent application to a UK Government for financial support for the commercialisation of the project to enable the delivery of a district wide heating network in Kingston that delivers renewable energy to new homes and commercial buildings. Renewable Electricity Generation in Kingston 43.The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy reports that renewable electricity

… disposal is to an Energy from Waste Facility rather than directly to incineration or landfill, and food waste processing is a renewable energy generating process. 55.The amount of waste sent to landfill or energy recovery reduced by 3% last year - representing around 900 tonnes - and residents recycled and composted 1,200 tonnes more than the year before, at 49.4% of household waste in 2019/20…

… leadership team. 65.The Climate Emergency Officer Steering Group will: a. consider actions that could be implemented, including (but not restricted to): i. renewable energy generation and storage ii. enhancing electric vehicle infrastructure and encouraging alternatives to private car use iii. increasing the efficiency of buildings, in particular to address fuel poverty iv. proactively…

… to be sustainable Pension Fund 19.The RBK Pension Fund is currently reviewing its Responsible Investment Strategy which will consider how environmental factors can be reflected in the Fund’s investment strategy. Various options are being explored which include investing in low carbon funds, excluding investments in carbon producing industries and investing in renewable energy. 20.The Fund…

… Plan now requires larger developments to be zero carbon, meaning that the total annual energy consumption of the buildings does not exceed the energy generated on-site or off-site. 37.Action on existing housing stock across all tenures has traditionally involved the provision of grants to bring forward energy efficiency measures including increased insulation and modern (gas) heating…


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