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Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

…. There are many pathways to carbon neutrality, and they all depend on what we do within the sectors within our control, the ‘levers’ we can use to reduce our carbon emissions. By being bold in every sphere of our influence – both direct and indirect – we can meet these goals. But Stockport is not just the Council. It is its people, its communities and its businesses. The research shows that the Council…

… buildings & facilities (8%) Rail (<1%) Solid waste disposal (2%) Industrial process (<1%) Total: 1,234ktC02e Figure 3: BEIS sector inventory for direct and indirect emissions with Stockport 2017 Industry and Commercial (25%) Domestic (39%) Transport (36%) Total: 1,205ktC02e 12 Future Emissions Profile Figure 4: Stockport Carbon Budget and Pathways for the District-Wide…

…, national policy (where sufficiently defined by sector or measure) nationally led decarbonisation of the electricity grid. This will require a significant level of effort today. SCATTER Level 4: Assumes that the region goes significantly beyond national policy and grid decarbonisation across both energy demand measures. This does not include any use of CCS technology. Tynadall Paris Aligned Pathway

…: Unlike the SCATTER pathways, this is based on climate science, not tangible energy supply and demand measures within the region. This Pathway is one way of allocating a finite, carbon budget (the area underneath, Alternatively, the same budget would last 7 years at current emissions levels. GMCA target data for Carbon Neutrality 44% reduction against 2017 levels 86% reduction against 2017…


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