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Portsmouth City Council

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

… and well-connected public transport services within Portsmouth and to other areas. } Promoting use of and enable more infrastructure for lower carbon fuel and energy sources (eg electric vehicle charge points). } Promoting local production of materials and products to reduce transport distances. } Working with our road contractors to support lower carbon construction and maintenance…

… Committee (2020). Local Authorities and the Sixth Carbon Budget. Available: and-the-Sixth-Carbon-Budget.pdf PCC is a unitary authority, meaning it is responsible for delivering the full range of services including education, public health, transport, planning, fire and public safety, social care and housing, libraries, waste…

… opportunities to enhance skills and knowledge within PCC to match climate resilience ambitions. S trategic priority areas 17 3.2 City-wide 12 Portsmouth City Council (2021). Local Transport Plan 4 2021-2038. Available: port-Plan-2021-Final-Accessible.pdf 13 Portsmouth City Council (2021). Portsmouth Transport

… Implementation Plan 2022/23- 2024/25. Available: loads/2021/10/74.602-Local-Transport-Plan-4-Implementation-plan.pdf 3.2.1 Travel and transport In line with its City Vision, Portsmouth wants greener and better-connected journeys, and active, healthy lives. Action is needed now to shape a future that accommodates changing travel patterns and the city’s growth…

… and achieve an environmentally sustainable future. The Portsmouth Transport Strategy includes the vision that “’by 2038, Portsmouth will have a people-centred, connected, travel network that prioritises walking, cycling and public transport to help deliver a safer, healthier and more prosperous city”. There are four strategic objectives within the strategy, three of which directly play a role…


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