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Devon County Council

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… Effect of National Policy The anticipated increase of the proportion of biofuel in forecourt petrol and diesel supplies from 5% now to 11% by 2030/31 is expected to reduce emissions from the council’s transport operations. However, the county’s population is due to rise which will put additional demand for community services. Combining these two factors results in emissions from the council’s

…. In 2017/18 Devon County Council consumed 83 GWh of energy through its buildings’ use of electricity and heat and through its fleet, business and school transport use of fossil fuel for mobility. Renewable energy sources owned or facilitated by the council provided 0.3% of this energy consumption, which avoided emission of 102 tCO2e by enabling the council to consume less grid electricity…

…. Emissions avoided by renewable energy in 2017/18 = -102 tCO2e 6.4.2. Future Effect of National Policy The effect of the projected deployment of large-scale renewable energy on the UK’s electricity network and the effect of the increase in the proportion of biofuel in the UK’s road transport fuels by 2030/31 has already been accounted for in sections 5.1, 5.2 and 5.3. To count it again in this section…

… described in Table 7 will begin to enhance the council’s experience of carbon offsetting and understanding of how the funds that will increasingly become available from all sorts of organisations wanting carbon offsetting services can be best spent in Devon to address the ecological emergency and decarbonise the built environment and transport sectors. Table 7 – Activities to offset residual emissions…

…. Ongoing Look for innovative opportunities to use the carbon offsetting funds to pilot new approaches for obtaining verified offsets in the built environment and transport sectors in Devon Funds outlined above. Ongoing Provide ongoing Carbon Offset expertise to identify approaches for carbon offsetting and to apply for various grant schemes. Initial revenue allocation of £50k for 2021/22. 2020/21…


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