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Carlisle City Council

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

… will be progressed: Objective 1: Reducing emissions from the City Council estate and operations. Objective 2: Reducing energy consumption and emissions from homes and businesses in Carlisle and tackling fuel poverty, by promoting energy efficiency measures, sustainable construction, renewable energy sources and behaviour change. Objective 3: Reducing emissions from transport by promoting sustainable

… as the Council. Working in partnership will be essential to reduce the carbon footprint for the whole of Carlisle. Councillor Nigel Christian Portfolio Holder for Environment and Transport Human activity is damaging the environment in which we live and changing the world’s climate. Our Local Environment (Climate Change) Strategy aims to ensure that Carlisle City Council plays its full role…

… management and recycling initiatives at operational sites. The Council is delivering projects to help reduce Carlisle district’s greenhouse gas emissions: • Community Electric Vehicle Charging Points. • Improvements to the cycling and walking infrastructure, increasing the network for active transport. The Council is also working in partnership to adapt to Climate Change, over the next three…

… A carbon footprint measures the total greenhouse gas emissions caused directly and indirectly by a person, organisation, event or product.3 Carbon emission largely come from several main sectors of the Cumbria economy: • Energy. • Housing. • Transport. • Waste. • Industry/Infrastructure. • Farming and Rural. • Tourism. The Countywide Zero Carbon Cumbria Partnership (ZCCP) will connect…

transport, reducing car travel and traffic congestion and encouraging behaviour change. Objective 4: Reducing consumption of resources, increasing recycling and reducing waste. Objective 5: Supporting Council services, residents and businesses to mitigate against and adapt to the impacts of Climate Change. Each objective has a set of actions, listed with timescale for delivery. Each action…


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