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Mole Valley District Council

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… for passenger transport could be kg CO2e/km of service delivered, or passengers served. • For construction, it could be kg CO2e/km of road laid or m2 of building completed. For all suppliers however, there will always be the fall-back option of measuring kg CO2e/£ spent. 29 Next Step - Enhanced Scope 3 Footprinting • With an ambitious target set, and baseline of emissions accounted…

… in an organisations’ supply chain. Above. Emissions scopes according to the GHG protocol 13 Footprint scope for FY 18/19 MVDC Footprint FY 18/19 Non-Council operations Energy consumption from leased buildings Procured goods and services Council operations Building emissions Electricity consumption Gas consumption Waste generation & treatment Water consumption Transportation

… controlled by the Council Investments Out of scope: No investment data available Downstream transportation and distribution Out of scope: No sold goods distributed by the Council Processing of sold products Out of scope: Not applicable to the Council’s operations Use of sold products Out of scope: Not applicable to the Council’s operations End-of-life treatment of sold products Out of scope…

… 500 1000 1500 2000 Business Travel PG&S Electricity Fleet Gas Leased Buildings Waste Water Sum of Scope 1 Sum of Scope 2 Sum of Scope 3 18 Footprint breakdown 1 Sum of upstream gas emissions (169 tCO2e), upstream electricity emissions (96.5 tCO2e), and upstream transport fuel emissions (22.5 tCO2e) • The Council’s emissions can be broken down into discrete emission categories…

…. 19 MVDC’s Operational Emissions • MVDC’s operational emissions include a mix of direct and indirect emissions associated with the Council’s operation and use of their own buildings and assets. This includes: • Scope 1: gas (primarily for heating buildings) and transport fuel consumption in the Council’s own fleet • Scope 2: electricity consumption within MVDC buildings used by MVDC staff…


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