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London Borough of Wandsworth

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… and additional vehicle chargepoints in place across the corporate estate. Consultants have been engaged to produce a plan Delivering Sustainability for All Page 5 of 20 (Paper No. 23-51) Official for the decarbonisation of the Council’s vehicles, with a full plan due to be completed by April 2023 which will set out the Council’s plans to electrify the fleet in stages to allow for charging…

… the community, a consultation was held in July 2022 on the draft Walking and Cycling Strategy, which has shaped its final structure. 23. As well as developing an ambitious new strategy to improve walking and cycling, the Council has delivered infrastructure improvements to enable residents to undertake sustainable travel. 20 school streets currently serve 22 schools in the borough and consultation

responses from a further 2 school streets for Tooting Primary and St Boniface RC Primary are currently being considered. All primary schools in the borough have been invited to take part in Phase 4 of the school streets programme and officers are currently taking forward proposals where feasible. Travel mode surveys have been collected from existing school streets to monitor the mode shift from…

… Delivering Sustainability for All Page 7 of 20 (Paper No. 23-51) Official parking has also been proposed at key transport hubs in the borough, with the proposals currently at consultation stage. A cargo bike hire scheme was implemented in Summer 2022 with a fleet of 3 electric cargo bikes operated by Peddle My Wheels. The scheme is being monitored closely and being promoted to businesses…


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