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Buckinghamshire Council

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… of mitigating human exposure to harmful levels of air pollution. 17 http://National Air Quality Objective Activity against actions Details of activities against the actions Climate Change and Air Quality Strategy are provided in the following sections. Governance and Management Response to Minimum Energy Efficiency Legislation consultation (re Action 1) In December 2020…

… the Council issued a response to a consultation by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) - “Improving the energy performance of privately rented homes”. The consultation asked for views on a range of options for improving the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards legislation which currently requires landlords in the private rental sector to ensure properties have…

… the changes. Response to Defra’s consultation on the Designation of the National Highways as a Relevant Public Authority (re Action 1) Defra carried out a national consultation from 28 March to 6 June 2022 on their proposal to designate National Highways as a relevant public authority thereby bringing National Highways into the statutory Local Air Quality Management Framework. The consultation

… also outlined proposed statutory guidance setting out how local authorities and National Highways should work together. The Council’s Strategic Environmental Protection Team, working with other key departments provided a technical response. 18 19 Response…

… to Defra’s consultation on the review of the Local Air Quality Management Policy Guidance (re Action 1) Defra carried out a second national consultation from 28th March 2022 until 6 June 2022 to seek views on the planned revision to the statutory Local Air Quality Management (LAQM) Policy Guidance. The LAQM statutory guidance sets out what local authorities should do and the legal duties…


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