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City of Edinburgh Council

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… health, or reduced congestion (to name just a few). 7. Stakeholder/Community Impact 7.1 Climate action has the potential to reap wider social, health and economic co-benefits and positively impact communities. 7.2 A City Sustainability Strategy which will set out high-level strategic priorities for achieving net-zero city emissions by 2030 will be open for public consultation from…

… zero by 2030 target will replace the previous city target of a 42 % reduction in city emissions by 2020 in all future monitoring and reporting. 1.7 Note that city approaches to offsetting will be consulted upon as part of the 2030 Sustainability Strategy consultation. Andrew Kerr Chief Executive Contact: Claire Marion, Senior Change & Delivery Officer (carbon management) E-mail…

…:// 3 for consultation in late spring/early summer and publication in autumn. The Council will also work with city partners to develop an appropriate performance and reporting framework…

… with city partners. Furthermore, there is a need to consider if or when off-setting may be appropriate, with this requiring careful consideration at both city and organisational levels. Approaches to offsetting will therefore be consulted upon as part of the 2030 Sustainability Strategy consultation before being brought back to the Policy and Sustainability committee for further consideration…


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