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Orkney Islands Council

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… of the wider Orkney Community, facilitated the consultation and drafting of the Orkney Sustainable Energy Strategy which was launched in September 2017 and which aspires to lead a transition to a low carbon economy. During 2016 a Hydrogen Economic Strategy was prepared and this document was reviewed and updated in 2018-2019. The resulting draft Orkney Hydrogen Strategy underwent a period of public

… Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Strategy Renewable energy Orkney Sustainable Energy Strategy Renewable energy Orkney Hydrogen Strategy Directory/P/procurement-strategy- 2019-to-2021.htm 2019-2021 The Council's Procurement Strategy 2019-21 was updated following a consultation process and published in January 2019. An updated implementation plan was created…

consultation during summer 2019. 2(b) How is climate change action managed and embedded by the body? Provide a summary of how decision-making in relation to climate change action by the body is managed and how responsibility is allocated to the body’s senior staff, departmental heads etc. If any such decision-making sits outside the body’s own governance arrangements (in relation to, for example, land use…

… Management Plan, prepared by OIC in consultation with flood risk partners, was issued to SEPA in December 2019. OIC maintains a schedule of all clearance and repair works undertaken throughout the county as required under section 18 of the Flood Risk Management (Scotland) Act 2009. OIC is currently working with SEPA to identify flood risk management objectives for the second cycle of the flood risk…

… Public Sector Climate Change Duties 2019 Summary Report: Orkney Council 13 # Public Sector Climate Change Duties 2020 Summary Report: Orkney Council Objective Theme Policy / Proposal reference Delivery progress made N1-8 The Orkney Local Flood Risk Management Plan was published in June 2016. The Kirkwall Surface Water Management plan, developed by OIC in consultation with flood risk…


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