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Bolsover District Council

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… efficiency programmes. Theme 7 – Biodiversity 1.9 Recycling - The Council’s combined recycling rate is slightly below the national average of 43.5% achieving a recycling rate of 41% in 2019/20. The Government (Defra) has consulted on its new UK Waste & Resource Strategy which has two overarching objectives to (a) Maximise the Value of Resource Use and (b) Minimise Waste and its Impact…

… on the Environment. Consultations closed 12th May 2019; it was anticipated further consultations would be undertaken during 2020. Following new legislation, a re-modelling of the Council’s waste collection…

Consultation and Equality Impact 3.1 There are no consultation and equality impact implications from this report. 4 Alternative Options and Reasons for Rejection 4.1 Do nothing – The council could choose not to increase the unit cost of energy and simply choose the cheapest tariff. This was discounted due to the significant carbon emission savings from the recommendation. 4.2 Purchase…


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