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Devon County Council

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… residents from across Devon, selected to be broadly representative of the population of the county in terms of age, gender, disability, ethnicity, geography, socio-economic status and level of concern about climate change, to deliberate on some of the key challenges in how Devon should respond to the climate emergency. Three topics were identified in the public consultation on the Interim Devon…

… and experience to produce an evidence-led Interim Devon Carbon Plan, including consideration of the earliest credible date that should be set for net-zero emissions. After public consultation on this Interim Plan a range of topics were identified as particularly controversial or challenging for implementation, and were agreed to be the focus of the Devon Climate Assembly. Following an open tendering…

… in more detail in members’ own words in Chapter 8 of this report. 14 1. Introduction The Devon Climate Assembly was commissioned to build on the work already undertaken by the Devon Climate Emergency Partnership in the preparation of the Interim Devon Carbon Plan. Intended to help address outstanding challenges and gaps that had been prioritised in consultations on the Interim Devon…

… on the belief that deliberative methods offer a distinctive approach to public engagement, which differs from other forms of consultation, because they are fundamentally about giving participants time to learn about and discuss issues in depth before coming to a considered view. As such they can: 1) give decision-makers a detailed understanding of informed public opinion on complex issues…


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