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Liverpool City Council

Direct link to action plan (PDF)

…. Collaborating for Success The NZC30 Plan has been developed by Eunomia Research and Consulting Ltd and the Centre for Sustainable Energy for Liverpool City Council as the lead organisation, but the Council only has direct control over a very small amount of the city’s emissions. To be successful this plan needs to be the foundation of city-wide action and as such it has been designed as the foundation…

… the atmosphere in 2030 due to its tight urban boundaries. Therefore, this plan does not focus on an offsetting approach to reach net zero, instead focusing The Liverpool NZC30 Plan8 | DEVELOPMENT PROCESS This Plan has been developed by the Council in consultation with local City Plan partners and organisational stakeholders. The actions that follow focus on those that the Council can lead…

… Establish a working partnership with the Registered Providers and the Combined Authority to deliver residential stock improvements; X Establish a local low carbon retrofit training programme for builders to ‘upskill’ in complex measures such as solid wall insulation: consult local businesses and organisations skilled and experienced in a ‘whole house’ approach to retrofitting to develop the local skill…


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