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Selby District Council

Direct link to biodiversity plan (PDF)

…’ accounts in the Selby BAP are largely based upon this work. 30. As an addition to the Biodiversity Audit, the YHBF has produced a report on species and habitats of regional importance (YHBF8). Unfortunately the tables in this document are incorrect but this is currently being addressed through a consultation process. 31. This document gives lists of the habitats and species considered…

… these in consultation with local experts. Selby BAP priority habitats and species 53. Although all species of wildlife are important, LBAPs concentrate on priority habitats and species. Priorities are selected by the steering group, based on the following recognised criteria. Criteria for selecting habitats Any habitat for which a UK BAP has been prepared that occurs in the Selby District. Any…

… such as ‘increase the area of...’; ‘increase the breeding distribution of ...’and ‘improve the condition of … for wildlife.* 76 During the consultation phase, a wide range of partners formally signed up to the actions. It was noted that these organisations would not be held responsible if the stated targets were not met. This was to avoid organisations declining to agree to actions, for fear of under…


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