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Teignbridge District Council

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… and vehicle fleet. 2. “Procurement and Commissioning” influences relate to our Part 1 Plan where we can work with our supply chain to decarbonise our indirect carbon footprint. 1 Local Authorities and the Sixth Carbon Budget - Climate Change Committee ( 6 3…

… the Financial Control Boundary to determine the extent of our carbon footprint, which has been split out into three emissions scopes (Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions) and covering seven greenhouse gases. We have endeavoured to report emissions for our direct carbon footprint (emissions arising directly from our assets), our upstream carbon footprint (emissions produced to create the things we procure

…, and services, and to supply utilities. They include: • indirect emissions associated with the transmission and distribution of diesel, gas, electricity and water; • indirect emissions associated with temporary accommodation and private sector leasing; • the embodied carbon of products and services we procure, such as IT services and equipment; • the embodied carbon of infrastructure projects…

… structural capacity assessments and consent from the electricity network operator. TARGET 3: Procure a minimum of 80% of our residual electricity demand from renewable energy via our utility supplier by 2025. How will we do it? • Continue to review renewable energy tariff offerings under the existing LASER energy supply contract ahead of the contract expiry in October 2024. • Aim…


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