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… ensuring that we procure at the right times to avoid unsustainable waste. Additionally, cross-organisation awareness-raising and training will help to make the use of buildings and equipment as efficient as possible. The following section summarises the principal actions which the council will take to ‘Reduce’ carbon emissions by 2,987 tCO2, or 15.1% against the 2008/09 baseline. Figures 4.1…

…/09 baseline. • Building small power improvements: electrical equipment, such as monitors, printers, fridges and phone chargers, within buildings when at end of life should be upgraded to the most energy efficient versions possible. Energy ratings should be a central point of consideration when electrical equipment is being procured. By making these improvements across the entire building…

… pumps Phase 4 Remaining buildings 568 (Phase 1 and 2) Phase 1 2020- 22 Phase 2 2023- 25 Phase 3 2025- 2030 Phase 4 beyond 2030 Reducing use of flouracarbon and other GHG gases by substituting with lower GHG equivalents and or reducing size of Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems n/a (achieved via procurement) TBC Fleet Electrify LCV fleet (small van…

… fleet) Installation of 4X6 load balancing charging banks at Depot Procurement of remaining van fleets As recommendations of GFR 2020 n/a 2022 2022 By 2025 Classification: OFFICIAL Appendix 3: DRAFT RBC CORPORATE CARBON PLAN 2020-25 20 | P a g e Classification: OFFICIAL Procurement of further EV vans (x24) Procurement of remaining LCV van fleets (x93…

… energy cost a very similar amount in terms of investment per tonne of carbon but offer wider benefits to the community. Carbon dioxide emissions are defined by the Greenhouse Gas protocol which defines the emissions as direct and indirect. A host of offsetting products and ‘green power’ options are available on the market and these are varied in their approach. For the latter, the Council


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