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Sunderland City Council

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… carbon footprint 2.01 Re-evaluate and develop sustainable procurement procedures and policy, in line with the circular economy, including ethical banking, together with Council investments, purchasing and activities. 2.01.1 Re-evaluate and develop sustainable procurement procedures (TOMS) Concept Corporate Services Business and Property Services 2021/22 Both Moderate Moderate 2.01.2…

… Adapt the procurement policies relating to the construction of new Council buildings and infrastructure. Concept Corporate Services Business and Property Services Short Both Moderate Moderate 2.02 Increased use of video conferencing/smart working/home working etc. 2.02.1 All staff to be set up on Teams Delivered Corporate Service Corporate Services 2020/21 ICT Moderate Low 2.02.2…

… carbon initiatives, including climate resilience and offsetting, procurement, governance and engagement. An energy efficient built environment Strategic Priority 3: Improve energy efficiency of existing homes and buildings and infrastructure and work towards zero carbon for new homes and buildings Renewable energy generation and storage Strategic Priority 4: Develop…

… Stage 3 Advertise opportunity to operate Under development Neighbour- hoods Environmental Services 2021/22 City NA Low 7.02 Continue to work towards the council’s commitment to become single use plastic free 7.02.1 Procurement for catering contracts Under development Neighbourhoo ds Environmental Services Ongoing Council Low Low 7.03 Investigate using food waste for anaerobic…


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