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London Borough of Haringey

Direct link to action plan (PDF)

… chain, including food suppliers, and other businesses as part of carbon reduction programme, from 2020. Owner: Carbon Management / Procurement. Note: Subject to approval by the relevant service area. Supports local wealth agenda. 5. Promote vegetarian and vegan food that is locally produced at Council events through our procurement strategies, from 2021. Owner: All Services / Procurement

…, while domestic waste is in the control of the Council and measured by the North London Waste Authority, most of the commercial waste is collected through privately procured companies and the Council cannot obtain this information. Whilst national targets are set for GHG emissions, in Haringey CO2 makes up around 85% of total emissions, with methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (NOx) making up…

…. Objective C2 - To reduce the carbon emissions from the council fleet and service- required transportation through active travel electric vehicle initiatives and for the fleet to be zero emission by 2027 Zero emission vehicles, including two-wheeled transport, should be prioritised when procuring new fleets. This should be supported by high quality facilities for active travel users. • Action…

… they are investing in low-carbon investment schemes and avoiding carbon-based industries where this is consistent with our fiduciary duty. To measure the carbon intensity and footprint of the Council’s pension investments and monitor for improvements. Ongoing. Owner: Finance, Carbon Management, Procurement. Note: The Pension Fund has over 50% of its equity investment in low carbon investment fund…

… at the moment and plans are in place to increase this to 100% of equity investments in low carbon strategies in 2021. Low carbon investments reduce the fund exposure to carbon emissions. 3. Promote vegetarian and vegan foods through meals procurement and cafes that the Council lets from 2020. Owner: Procurement / Carbon Management. 4. For the Council and public bodies to support the local supply…


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