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Cannock Chase District Council

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… complex process requiring significant expertise;  There is a danger of being seen as a publicity exercise if not followed by real outcomes. 5.31 In summary, due to the lack of officer capacity to take on this significant agenda, the next stage following the declaration of a Climate Change emergency is to produce a specification and conduct a procurement exercise to secure the necessary…

… and arrive at workable recommendations. Citizens’ Assemblies have been used by national government and have been more recently been used by local government. There are currently a small number of councils using them for Climate Change issues. 5.24 An organisation specialising in engagement will need to be procured to set up and operate the Citizens’ Assembly. It is anticipated…

… on:  The number of citizens to be included in the Assembly – this can range from a minimum of 50 and up to 250 people;  The time/length the Assembly is operational and how many times it meets; and  The scope of the work to be considered by the Assembly. 5.25 The setting up of a Citizens’ Assembly will involve officer time in procuring an organisation to run it. Furthermore, it is common…

… programme of wheelie bin /IT vehicle replacement to be addressed. £5.7 million is allocated for the District Investment Fund however the implication of town centre regeneration, station upgrades etc. are yet to be determined. 6.2 Legal No direct legal implications at this stage. 6.3 Human Resources Subject to budget being allocated for additional capacity it is understood that a procurement

exercise will be undertaken to secure an external third party with the necessary expertise and capacity to deliver a more detailed baseline, Citizens Assembly and 10 Year action plan. 6.4 Section 17 (Crime Prevention) No direct implications. 6.5 Human Rights Act No direct implications. 6.6 Data Protection None ITEM NO. 6.12 6.7 Risk Management There are significant…


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