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Angus Council

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…, however, due to staff resources and other Service priority changes, plans to develop a Sustainable Procurement Plan have not been taken forward. Validation; The report has been scrutinised by the Climate Change Member Officer Group and supporting working groups on Carbon Emissions, Adaptation and Sustainability. In order to monitor the links to the Local Outcomes Improvement Plan, updates…

… prepared Angus Council was to meet national climate change targets and identified strengths and areas for improvement. Recommendations included production of an Angus Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan, ensuring that climate change is embedded in the Corporate Risk Register, strengthening sustainable procurement, finalising the new draft Carbon Management Plan and exploring the fleet…

… to ongoing work. Efforts continue to form a strategic approach to adaptation including embedding adaptation in corporate and community risk registers. Procurement; Sustainable procurement is recognised by both the Council and the Procurement Team as an important issue and has been included in procurement documents where practicable. A Sustainable Procurement Working Group was established in 2016…

…, covering the period 2015/16. 4. CURRENT POSITION 4.1 The report template covers the following mandatory topics: profile of reporting body; governance, management and strategy; emissions, targets and projects; adaptation; procurement; validation. Recommended topics relating to wider influence across the Council area are wider impact and influence on greenhouse gas emissions and other notable…


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