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Kingston-upon-Hull City Council

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

planting and growing biofuel crops and restoration of peat bogs. This is vital to take CO2 out of the air to balance unavoidable emissions from cattle and planes. 1.5bn new trees will be needed, meaning more than 150 football pitches a day of new forests from now to 2050. Flying would not be banned, but the number of flights will depend on how much airlines can cut emissions with electric…

… in 2025, with boilers using clean hydrogen or replaced by electric powered heat pumps. Plus, all homes and appliances being highly efficient. Beef, lamb and dairy consumption falling by 20%, though this is far lower than other studies recommend and a bigger shift to plant-based diets would make meeting the zero target easier. A fifth of all farmland – 15% of the UK – being converted to tree

… 5 emissions 19-V14-FINAL plastics and natural fertilizer growing systems, there will still be some emissions remaining. The final step to carbon neutrality will be through carbon sequestration either through natural solutions such as tree planting and habitat creation for wildlife…

…) identified that the Humber four authority land areas have a current established sequestration benefit of 600ktCO2e/yr10, excluding the net emissions from agriculture of around 2,900ktCO2e with a total sequestration potential of 2,000ktCO2e/yr using 21% of the current land available. The trees planted in the current tree planting season are estimated to offer a sequestration benefit of circa…

…, the Committee on Climate Change set out the carbon reduction measures across a set of core and ambitious areas. Core measures include no new homes heated by natural gas from 2025, significant roll out of low carbon power and electric vehicles, increased diversion of waste from landfill, a massive increase in tree planting, the roll out of low carbon heating and carbon capture and storage. Ambitious…


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