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Chichester District Council

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…, social justice) · Organisations representing particular demographic (youth, people with mobility difficulties) A key feature of the working groups is that they will be ongoing to develop carbon mitigation actions, refine them in light of new events, success and failure. CDC will work on clarifying the envisaged relationship between it and the working groups, both existing and new. Tree-planting

…. This is because SCATTER was designed to map pathways to the Government’s target of net zero at 2050. What CDC has done in using SCATTER is select actions that would take us towards our 2025 target. They would also take us close to net zero in 2050. Four of the easiest to visualise actions are given below to provide a sense of scale. · 24% increase in forest cover by 2030. · Tree-planting (individual…

… what zero and low emission vehicles fit its business needs. Moving onto CDC land, initial assessment suggests the potential for a maximum of 400 trees (whips) to be planted over four years at a range of CDC-owned locations. Several other actions are planned and are given in Table 7 below. Table 7: CDC operations, buildings and land…

… of the options for use of East Pallant House, Start in late 2021. Planned outcomes agreed by summer 2022, followed by implementation. Business Support, Climate Change Officer. Joe Mildred, Divisional Manager Business Support 7.5 Plant 400 trees (whips) across a variety of CDC’s parks and green spaces using funds from Trees Outside Woodlands Project, where appropriate. 2021-2025 Chichester…

… Preface By Councillor Penny Plant, Cabinet Member for the Environment and Contract Services, Chair of Chichester District Council’s Environment Panel Dear reader, Climate change is an issue that touches every aspect of our lives: the homes that we live in, how we get from A to B, how we shop, how we spend our leisure time. There is no area of our lives that does not have an impact on carbon emissions…


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