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Chichester District Council

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… of the options for use of East Pallant House, Start in late 2021. Planned outcomes agreed by summer 2022, followed by implementation. Business Support, Climate Change Officer. Joe Mildred, Divisional Manager Business Support 7.5 Plant 400 trees (whips) across a variety of CDC’s parks and green spaces using funds from Trees Outside Woodlands Project, where appropriate. 2021-2025 Chichester…

Norwich City Council

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… and Danby Wood 8,9 Citywide Services Ongoing 2.34 To investigate the potential for managing some intensively-managed grass areas under 'conservation cuts', involving fewer cuts per year 9 Citywide Services Ongoing 2.35 To replace water-intensive planting with wildflowers and herbaceous shrubs, to encourage wildlife and become more resistant to drought in parks and green spaces

Burnley Borough Council

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… is absorbing up to 2,000 tonnes of CO2 per year. The Council maintains a healthy and growing tree population in parks and green spaces and works with park friends’ groups to plant young trees. 5.62 The Council continues to work with partners including the Trees for Burnley, River Ribble Trust, Forestry Commission and adjoining authorities to secure funding for new woodland planting. During…

Dover District Council

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…, such as opening up culverts to improve fish migration and spawning in Kearsney Abbey, re- planting the orchard in Russell Gardens and providing facilities for people to learn about parkland heritage and biodiversity. In 2022 Kearsney Abbey and Russell Gardens maintained its Green Flag status (international quality mark for parks and green spaces). The White Cliffs Countryside Partnership…

Wokingham Borough Council

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… and green spaces • Keeping the borough moving - Including encouraging active and sustainable transport modes • Enriching lives - Including encouraging more people to be involved in volunteering and community activity, taking pride in their community and looking after their own wellbeing where possible and that of their families and neighbours. One of the council’s key strategies…

…/greenhouse-gas Page | 5 The plan also aligns with the regional draft Berkshire Local Industrial Strategy (BLIS) and the Thames Valley Berkshire Local Economic Partnership Strategic Economy Plan. The Climate Emergency Plan aligns with the following priorities set out in the council plan • Clean and green spaces - Including becoming net zero carbon but also providing parks

South Tyneside Council

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… environment. As the Local Planning Authority we have set out strategic policies on the ‘conservation and enhancement of the natural, built and historic environment, addressing climate change mitigation and adaptation. Parks, green spaces and allotments will all have a significant role to play in helping to address the Council’s response to the climate change emergency…

London Borough of Ealing

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… with Trees for Cities planted 50,000 new trees in the borough in 2018/19. An £830K River Brent restoration project with Thames 21 has added Adapting to climate change Parks, green spaces and green infrastructure play critical roles in the council’s commitment to climate action. It is recognised that nature-based solutions are not a substitute for decarbonisation but will supplement…

London Borough of Sutton

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… nature and offer cool continuous corridors for walking and cycling during heat waves. Not everyone in the borough has a local park or green space nearby they can use. 15% of the borough is an area of nature conservation deficiency.12 We will prioritise these places. This is our contribution to helping London become a National Park City.13 Space to create large new parks, nature reserves…

London Borough of Lambeth

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…; and buying more locally sourced products. • At a local level, Lambeth Council have a responsibility to support residents’ efforts by developing greener infrastructure – whether focussing on housing, parks and green spaces, recycling or local incentive schemes for residents and businesses. P g N o P g N o Lambeth’s Citizens’ Assembly on Climate Change: Final recommendations Page 17…


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