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Norwich City Council

Direct link to action plan (PDF)

…-carbon and climate- resilient communities. The Paris Agreement will need local, national and international action to fully deliver its objectives. Councils are the local planning authority and represent local concerns and perspectives. The council also provides a number of services to residents and visitors. We will continue to work to minimise their environmental impact, as well as working across…

… local actions – transitioning towards more efficient circular economies. We need to drive the change towards a sustainable Norwich and meet the goals of the Paris Agreement. In leading this work, we will achieve a better future for Norwich and the planet we all share. This is only possible if timely, clear, funded and well-designed policies to reduce emissions and mitigate against climate change…

… global warming was limited to 1.5°C, it still worsens the risks of drought, floods, extreme heat and poverty for hundreds of millions of people. Average global warming is 1°C already when compared to pre-industrial averages. At 2°C, the upper limit of the UN Paris Agreement, the risk of negative impacts of climate change increase significantly. Global carbon dioxide emissions currently show…

…. The 2008 Climate Change Act provides the UK with a legal framework, including a new net zero target for carbon emissions by 2050. It also includes five-yearly ‘carbon budgets’ (limits on emissions over a set time period, which act as stepping stones towards the 2050 target), and the development of a climate change adaptation plan. The new net zero target fully meets the requirements of the Paris

Agreement, including the stipulation of ‘highest possible ambition’, and sets the standard for other developed countries as they consider their own pledges towards this global effort in emissions reduction. Current UK emissions constitute only a small percentage of the global total, but those who say the UK’s actions no longer matter are wrong. Every ton of carbon counts in the atmosphere, wherever…


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