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Chorley Council

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… Climate Action for Chorley's Future Climate Change Strategy 2022-2024 Our goal as a Council is for the Borough to be net zero by 2030 2 Climate Change Strategy / 2022 - 2024 Foreword As the Portfolio Holder for Climate Change, I am pleased to present this Climate Change Strategy on behalf…

… of Chorley Council which will drive forward our work to deliver net zero for the Borough. For many years, our teams have delivered projects and services which have positively contributed to the mitigation of climate change. We have improved the biodiversity in our green spaces with our wildflower meadows, differential mowing of our verges, the annual management of our large meadows…

… can make a contribution and protect our Chorley for future generations. Councillor Adrian Lowe, Executive Member for Customer, Streetscene and Environment The Council’s Vision for The Future Our goal as a Council is for the Borough to be net zero by 2030 In 2019 Chorley Council declared a climate emergency and set the ambitious target of becoming net zero

… by 2030. This strategy sets out Chorley Council’s vision for the future as a net zero carbon Borough and our priorities and programme for action during the period January 2022 to December 2024 to achieve that goal. We must all act now to ensure we are able to cope with and recover from the physical risks that are happening as a result of changes in the climate. These include floods, droughts…

… and heatwaves as well as rises in global temperatures and sea level rise and take steps to reduce the carbon we produce. What is Net Zero? Being a net zero Borough means that there will be a flat balance between the amount of carbon emitted into the atmosphere and the amount of carbon removed. This needs a joined up effort from across a number of areas of our lives and the businesses we have in our…


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