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Shropshire Council - Unitary

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… Shropshire Council Corporate Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan Shropshire Council Towards Net-Zero Carbon Corporate Climate Strategy Climate Change Task Force November 2020 Shropshire Council Corporate Climate Strategy 2020 8 February 2021 1 1. Introduction…

… February 2021 2 1. Introduction 1.1. This purpose of this document is to outline a strategy to reduce Shropshire Council’s corporate carbon footprint and promote adaptation measures to increase the resilience of the Council’s services. 1.2. Shropshire Council declared a climate emergency in May 2019 and agreed a Strategy Framework in December 2019 which established the objective of net-zero

… and indirect carbon emissions and identifies the scale of reductions and residual offsetting which will be required to reach our objective of net-zero performance by 2030. The Action Plan element of the document reflects the findings of a community engagement workshop in February 2020 and identifies a range of potential actions and a pipeline of specific projects to help deliver progress. 1.6 However…

… (scope 1 & 2), demonstrates that net zero GHG emissions by 2030 is theoretically possible for both direct and indirect emissions. In these circumstances, Shropshire Council, has adopted the objective of achieving net zero for direct and indirect GHG emissions by 2030. This is not a legally binding target and may be subject to change based on future evidence, but it is a challenging goal…

… the transition to net-zero carbon performance is also likely to generate revenue savings from greater efficiency. b. Once sufficient information has been assembled, the business case for individual investment projects will demonstrate their financial viability and feasibility in both the short and long terms. Shropshire Council has already invested in a range of low carbon technologies that have provided…


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