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Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

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…, the skills and employment strategy, neighbourhood working, inclusive growth and social justice. 5 Proposed Targets 5.1 It is proposed that the following targets are adopted. RMBC: Council’s carbon emissions to be at net zero by 2030 Rotherham: borough-wide carbon emissions to be at net zero by 2040 The purpose of these dual targets is to recognise the borough’s carbon footprint alongside…

… for the borough. 5.4 Net zero or zero carbon? The Council considered whether to have a ‘net zero’ carbon target or a ‘zero carbon’ target. Zero carbon requires there to be no emissions at all, whilst net zero carbon means that an organisation is responsible for removing as much CO2 as it emits, so that the two figures are offset. As this allows emissions to continue for some operations, net zero

… emissions by an average of 9% (630.5 tonnes CO2) each year to 2030. 18 /1 9 19 /2 0 20 /2 1 21 /2 2 22 /2 3 23 /2 4 24 /2 5 25 /2 6 26 /2 7 27 /2 8 28 /2 9 29 /3 00 1,000 2,000 3,000 4,000 5,000 6,000 7,000 8,000 Council CO2 Net Zero Reduction Target 2030 6 Developing a carbon action plan 6.1 The aim is to develop a portfolio of realistic actions based on scientific…

… efficiency standards (e.g. EPC of A or B) . 6.7.5 Whilst it is more financially viable to build energy efficiency into new housing, according to ONS projections in 2041 83% of housing will have been built before 2016 which will require retrofitting to cut domestic emissions in line with national net zero goals. The Council would be keen to work with national government to determine the feasibility…

… conversion will be essential to curbing internal transport emissions in line with 2030 net zero goals. Consensus suggests that the cost gap between EV and combustion vehicles will continue to close, allowing a gradual conversion to take advantage of falling purchase costs, as well as the lower running costs of EVs. If charged from the national grid, EV conversion is estimated to cut a vehicle’s…


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