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Perth and Kinross Council

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…, and this interim report sets out our next steps, outlining the initial route map to take us to a net zero carbon and climate resilient Perth & Kinross. This report builds on the substantial work that the Council and its partners have already taken to address the climate challenge. However, we recognise the scale of this challenge, if we are to achieve the significant societal and technological shifts…

…) our proposals for taking forward comprehensive engagements on climate change, to develop a shared vision, strategy and actions, which will be essential for the entire Perth and Kinross area to achieve a net zero carbon future. 4) the extensive activity the Council and partners are already carrying out, to address climate change mitigation and adaptation; as well as detailing short, medium…

… may be carbon dioxide; for the agricultural sector, addressing methane emissions also has a prominent role. To date the Council mitigation focus has been on reducing its own emissions. Recent Scottish climate change legislation however, gives a clear role for the Council to work with its partners, citizens and businesses to ensure that the whole Perth & Kinross area becomes a net zero

… Committee on Climate Change estimated the additional annual cost to the economy of achieving net zero emissions is 1-2% of the country’s gross domestic product (currently £2 trillion) - therefore indicating that £20- 40 billion needs to be spent each year on carbon reduction, by 2050. Source: UK Committee of Climate Change…

…. It’s a lot harder to reduce emissions from transport, agriculture and buildings. That will require much greater use of renewable energy, and infrastructure (to capture and store remaining carbon emissions), and especially changes in our behaviour. Recent analysis by the Committee on Climate Change shows that changing technology alone will be insufficient to reach a net-zero carbon target…


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