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Essex County Council

Direct link to progress report (PDF)

… 37 Climate Action Advice Packs 38 Community Grants 40 7. The Just Transition to a Green Economy 41 Essex Sector Development Strategy and Delivery Plan 41 Green Economy 42 The Net Zero Innovation Network (NZIN) 43 Essex Climate Action Commission 43 Public Sector Procurement 44 8. The Essex Pathway to net zero 45 Understanding Our Greenhouse Gas Emissions 45…

… report, Net Zero: Making Essex Carbon Neutral. This sets out around 100 recommendations which tackle the climate and biodiversity challenges head on. The Commission recognised that nature is key to absorbing and storing carbon and is our best defence against risks from already changing weather systems. These risks, which are increasing year on year, bring more flooding, subsidence, soil degradation…

…=ctNJFf55vVA%3d&WGewmoAfeNQ16B2MHuCpMRKZMwaG1PaO=ctNJFf55vVA%3d A key year for Climate Action in the UK Since the Essex Climate Action Commission published its ‘Net Zero: Making Essex Carbon Neutral’ report and recommendations in July 2021, there have been a number of national and international climate events and initiatives. These have provided opportunities for Essex to develop new ideas…

… Rulebook, alongside a host of other announcements made at – and around – the conference. The latest scientific evidence of the causes, impacts and options to address the climate emergency were published in the Sixth Assessment Report of the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. This underscores how urgently action must be taken. In the UK, the Government published its Net Zero

… Council (ECC) fully endorsed the Essex Climate Action Commission’s report and recommendations in November 2021, including a commitment that Essex as a county will be net zero by 2050. The endorsement is supported by a £200m four-year action plan. The Essex Climate Action Commission was set up to advise Essex County Council about tackling climate change. It was launched in May 2020 for an initial term…


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