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Derbyshire County Council

Direct link to engagement plan (PDF)

… Journey to Net Zero Derbyshire Climate Change Engagement Plan (2021-2025) Introduction Derbyshire’s Climate Change Strategy: Achieving Net Zero (2021-25) has been published. It sets out the next steps for the Council to reduce emissions from its own estate and operations and from across the county. Derbyshire County Council has…

…, the private sector and the Local Authority Energy Partnership to develop demonstrator projects to be used to build understanding on retrofitting buildings and decentralised energy systems. 2 | Journey to Net Zero Derbyshire In developing this Plan, consideration has also been given to the findings and recommendations of the Climate Assembly UK set out in the report ‘The path to net zero

…’. A number of themes emerged to underpin the UK’s approach to achieving net zero which this plan aims to emulate. In summary, key themes are: • Education and information: There is a need for information and education about climate change for everyone • Fairness: The solutions to climate change are neither easy nor free but they need to be fair • Freedom and choice: It is important to maintain…

… that a two-stage engagement process is undertaken: Stage 1: Seek support for the Council’s proposals for community engagement about the delivery mechanisms of climate action (i.e. the engagement process proposed) Stage 2: Engage with communities to agree the project delivery mechanisms for relevant actions set out in the Climate Change Strategy: Achieving Net Zero (2021-2025) The Council…

…. Climate change communications Climate change engagement 4 | Journey to Net Zero Derbyshire The Engagement Process Stage 1: Draft Engagement Plan Engagement on proposals presented in the Engagement Plan Engagement Plan shared with internal and external stakeholders Stage 2: Identify relevant climate change projects Project outline For each relevant project, engage…


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