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Birmingham City Council

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… on under the region’s Local Industrial Strategy. The Low Carbon Sector Action Plan defines low carbon technology sector as ‘businesses and organisations who are currently located wholly or in part in the West Midlands or are planning to relocate to the region, and who provide or intend to provide solutions and services necessary to support the transition towards a low carbon economy

… objectives: tackling barriers to investment in energy efficiency (including via the Green Deal that provides up-front finance for investments in energy efficiency in the home; enhancing energy security; and enabling investment in low carbon energy. 2.1.4 Planning and Energy Act 2008- The Bill allows local councils to set targets in their areas for on- site renewable energy, on-site low carbon

… Footprint 2.3.1 Consultants Anthesis were commissioned in January 2020 to undertake a study setting out the current emissions baseline for the city and to make recommendations which could be implemented to reduce carbon emissions. The Anthesis report broke down the emissions into two elements, the Council’s own emissions and City wide emissions. 2.3.2 Council’s own emissions: The report…

… that current levels of warming are already causing environmental damage and the efforts to cut emissions are to limit the scale of future impacts rather than avoid them completely. 3.2 It is recognised that transition to a low carbon economy requires major and rapid systems changes but the transition must be just and deliver the jobs that are needed to sustain our economy. Birmingham…

… at a later date and the additional cost of adapting to the unavoidable impacts of climate change in the future. Despite this, there is a need to attract significant funding to deliver net zero carbon across the City Council and the City, this cannot be delivered within existing resources. This call to action will focus on actions that deliver the most benefit in terms of reducing carbon emissions


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