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London Borough of Camden

Direct link to citizens' assembly (PDF)

… the climate crisis.   Across its three sessions, the citizens’ assembly heard a range of evidence outlining the facts  of the climate and ecological crisis and the ways in which it can be tackled, before developing  and agreeing 17 actions that should be taken by residents, community groups, businesses  and the council in Camden.   The Home  The Neighbourhood  The Council  1. Encourage low carbon

…. Encourage low carbon dietary choices  86%  14%  2. Make all new homes carbon zero  96%  4%  3. Create more green space on residential streets  89%  11%  4. Fit solar panels on as many homes as possible  100%  0%  5. Campaign to make CO2 reduction fun  94%  6%  Neighbourhood  6. Plant more trees and create more allotments  98%  2%  7. Pilot a community energy heating scheme  98%  2%  8. Install…

… in the annex.            12      3.1. Home  The citizens’ assembly agreed five actions at the level of the Home. All received a clear  majority of support, but the action that received the most significant support – with 78% of  assembly members in strong agreement – was to “fit solar panels on as many homes as  possible.''   1. Encourage low carbon dietary choices  Schools, shops, supermarkets…

…, community groups, the council and residents should  encourage low carbon dietary choices through communication and information campaigns;  teaching new skills and ideas; consolidating buying power; getting the “right” products into  communities; making choices easy and practical; and identifying the “right” foods for  consumers and shops.   Strongly agree  Agree  Disagree  Strongly  disagree  DNV…

… (both positive and negative) it would have, and what would  be the timescale for implementation. These were noted down on A3 templates during the  session.   What follows is a verbatim write-up of these templates.  1. Encourage low-carbon dietary choices WHICH IDEA IS BEING DEVELOPED?  ● Eat less red meat, including your pets  ● Encourage low-carbon dietary choices (food + waste)  Low carbon


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