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Orkney Islands Council

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… in relation to climate change. If any of the body’s activities in relation to climate change sit outside its own governance arrangements (in relation to, for example, land use, adaptation, transport, business travel, waste, information and communication technology, procurement or behaviour change), identify these activities and the governance arrangements. The Council is a facilitating member…

… consultation during summer 2019. 2(b) How is climate change action managed and embedded by the body? Provide a summary of how decision-making in relation to climate change action by the body is managed and how responsibility is allocated to the body’s senior staff, departmental heads etc. If any such decision-making sits outside the body’s own governance arrangements (in relation to, for example, land use

… Programme. Sustainable/renewable heat Carbon Management Programme. Waste management Orkney and Shetland Area Waste Plan. Water and sewerage N/A Land Use Orkney Local Development Plan 2(e) Does the body have any plans or strategies covering the following areas that include climate change? Provide the name of any such document and the timeframe covered. Link Time period Comments http…

… to grid. Solar PV 9119 0 PV panels on non domestic properties, energy used by OIC, no export meter fitted. Wind 35975 0 This is the metered RHI energy. 3d Targets List all of the body's targets of relevance to its climate change duties. Where applicable, overall carbon targets and any separate land use, energy efficiency, waste, water, information and communication technology, transport, travel…


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