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West Dunbartonshire Council

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

…. miles, West Dunbartonshire is a small Council both in terms of population and land coverage. However, despite its size, West Dunbartonshire boasts a diverse range of land uses, natural and built resources, and a mix of dense urban form, rugged moorland and spectacular watercourses. The Council is responsible for provision of a range of services to its residents and citizens, which includes…

… and emissions taken out of the atmosphere. Simply, this means that for all the emissions produced there must be mitigating actions in place to remove the same level of emissions from the atmosphere. This is illustrated in Figure 5. The interventions range from land-use change methods, tree-planting, rewilding, peatland restoration, investing in carbon-offsetting charities, technical solutions…

… resilience to the impacts of climate change. Furthermore, where technically feasible and cost effective, we will consider retroft, renovation and maintenance of existing domestic buildings over the construction of new buildings and developments - mitigating our environmental impacts from Land Use Change (LUC), resource extraction and devel- opment, and wider supply chain emissions. Waste &…


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