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Maidstone Borough Council

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

…, businesses and land-managers on how they, and the Council, will phase-out polluting emissions and make us all more resilient to climate change while rescuing biodiversity in the Borough. We used this work to identify nine clear themes for action. We framed challenging targets for each and identifed actions we will take to achieve these aims. New, understanding, opportunities and technologies…

… http:innovations.We http:action.We http:Borough.To 1 Introduction Human activities, including burning fossil fuels and changing land use from wetland or forest to farming, has increased the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, particularly since the industrial revolution. An increase in the level of greenhouse gases…

… priorities and opportunities for protecting and investing in nature within a local area. This will help organisations, including Maidstone Borough Council, to identify priorities and opportunities for conserving and enhancing nature. The Act will establish spatial mapping and planning tools to help inform nature recovery and introduces the Environmental Land Management Scheme form of payments for land

managers. This will encourage land managers to use nature based solution to challenges including fooding 8 and water quality. The Act introduces biodiversity net gain into the planning system which requires all new developments to enhance biodiversity. This is expected to lead to the creation, or improvement, of habitat for wildlife providing improvements in air quality…

… with some people and hope that we have explained why it is essential and urgent for us to take these steps to address climate change and biodiversity loss. This strategy is organised into nine themes. These are areas that were raised in our 2020 Residents’ Survey on Biodiversity and Climate Change, in the consultative event with land managers in March 2020, and areas where we believe the Council…


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