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Perth and Kinross Council

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… Mitigation – Energy and Building a) Why is this important? b) What are we doing now? c) What’s next? 6 Mitigation – Waste a) Why This Is Important? b) What Are We Doing Now? c) What’s Next? 7 Mitigation – Land Use a) Why This Is Important? b) What Are We Doing Now? c) What’s Next? 4 4 4 9 10 14 15 15 15 16 18 18 20 20 20 23 25 25 27…

… activities in the Perth and Kinross area. However, this is offset by land use such as forestry, acting as a “carbon sink” which absorbs CO2. Therefore, the balanced net CO2 emissions by Perth and Kinross, contributing to climate change damage were 923,000 tonnes. Figure 9 – Perth and Kinross area-wide emissions data (2017) The following part of the report highlights that the Council…

… influence Industry/Commercial/Domestic Gas and Electricity, Large Industrial Installations, Agriculture, A roads and Minor roads. Outwith Perth and Kinross Council influence Motorways, Trunk Roads, Railways, Large Industrial Sites and certain land-use. In 2017, 85% of Perth and Kinross area emissions were identified as being within the scope of influence of the Council…

… | P a g e The next parts of the report (sections 4-8) highlight some of our main activities already underway, what is currently in the pipeline, and what further actions we need to take, to make that further leap towards a net zero carbon Perth & Kinross. We focus on the following five areas: • Transport • Buildings and Energy • Waste • Land Use • Business and Industry Our…


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