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Wokingham Borough Council

Direct link to action plan (PDF)

… and recommendations. The report identifies how local authorities can support the implementation of the Sixth Carbon Budget through the following core areas of delivery: Buildings, Transport, Waste, Electricity Generation, Land use, Land-use change and Forestry and Agriculture. Local authorities have a range of existing levers that can be used to deliver local action that reduces emissions and prepares…

… and commercial Buildings and Operations - Emissions from energy and fuel use in industrial and commercial buildings contributes to 148.6 ktCO2 per year as follows: electricity 86.8 ktCO2, gas 40.7 ktCO2, large industrial installations 0.01 ktCO2, agriculture 4.1 ktCO2, and other fuels 17.1 ktCO2. Carbon sequestration in the Borough accounts for 15.9 ktCO2 a year through forestry and natural land use

… saving 3.5 ktCO2 per annum 3,500 18 Carbon sequestration by design - improving carbon sequestration rates in future land management decisions, approximately 0.5 ktCO2e savings 620 19 Transition to low intensity (high carbon sequestration) land management approximately 0.05 ktCO2e savings per annum 224 Wokingham Borough Council - Climate Emergency Action Plan - Working Document…


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